Our Self-Selection Process

If you’ve come this far looking for answers to how to heal your trauma, you’ve already heard me say that this program isn’t for you if:

  • You’re currently in an unsafe relationship
  • You’re using drugs or alcohol to help you cope with your trauma
  • You’ve made an attempt on your life within the past two years

Let me tell you why I’m saying you’re not ready. 

  •  Unsafe relationship: If you are in a relationship where you continue to be at risk of harm, your body knows that. To heal you must be able to trust that you are not being harmed in situations where your brain is telling you that you are at risk, but where no risk of harm exists.
    • In Spring of 2021, I will be offering a FREE Domestic Violence Education program focused on helping you understand what keeps you stuck in a relationship that harms you and how to grow yourself out of that situation. 
    • For now, I recommend the following resources:
      • Call the Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). They offer free, confidential 24/7 Support. They can help you:
        • Get Help
        • Identify Abuse
        • Plan for Safety
        • Find Local Resources
          • Your local DV agency has FREE advocates to help you navigate establishing safety first, 
      • The Domestic Violence Hotline also offers chat at thehotline.org
  • Drugs/Alcohol: The work of healing trauma cannot be successfully completed with any amount of drugs/alcohol used for self-soothing. In my career experience, it just numbs you too much to allow you access to what you need to observe about yourself to successfully complete a self-healing process. This includes marijuana use.
    • If you are currently using to numb your pain, the best place to start is with a program that supports establishing and maintaining sobriety. The dir.12step.org site is a directory of websites that are useful for working a program of recovery from addictive behaviors. I recommend starting your search for support there.
  • Attempt on Your Life Within The Past 2 Years: The TraumaERASE Method Academy requires that you have enough basic self-soothing skills to keep yourself safe, especially when you feel triggered. This program is not a substitute for therapy. I recommend that you seek the kind of support that will allow you to develop basic skills for keeping yourself safe before re-applying to this program. You can find a directory of people who may be able to help at dbtproviders.com or dbtselfhelp.com. This online program also appears to be promising: onlinedbtcourses.com

For any of the reasons I’ve described here, you are likely to need more support that can be provided through The TraumaERASE Method Academy or Trauma Free Nation.

In addition, if you are currently being harmed in relationship, are using drugs or alcohol to cope or have made even one attempt on your life within the past two years, it’s likely that you have some behaviors that will distract from the focus of our community and make the community feel unsafe in a way that distracts others from their healing work.

Please, do your foundational work first:

  • Get out of that dangerous relationship
  • Be sober for a year
  • Have no life-threatening behaviors for 2 years
I need to tell you that maintaining the safety of our Trauma Free Nation community is so paramount that if it is discovered that you have chosen to ignore these community guidelines and join against recommendations, you will be immediately banned from Trauma Free Nation without a refund!

If, after seeing all of these reasons why you may not be ready for our community, you still believe it is a good fit for you, I invite you to book a call with me to discuss the very narrow guidelines under which exceptions to these rules can be applied:

  1.  Interview with Tamara to explore fit
  2. Release of information to talk with your therapist and psychiatrist about your readiness for this program. Including:
    • Full disclosure of any risks deemed clinically reasonable to prevent your participation.
    • Notification rights in case you terminate mental health treatment with your therapist or psychiatrist early or without proper procedure. This notification may be cause for immediate disenrollment from Trauma Free Nation and The TraumaERASE Method Academy.
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