Do You Get Stuck In Triggers Without Warning?



March 1, 2021

In this post, I’m going to explain the Trauma Brain/Real Time Connector found inside the TraumaErase Method Academy.

This is important for someone who wants to make overwhelming reactions to triggers stop. 

I’m going to show you how it works and why it’s important for healing trauma.

This would be a post to share if you know someone who has experienced trauma and gets lost in overwhelm whenever a reminder of that trauma shows up for them.

Let me begin by explaining a little bit about the brain.

The Brain Stem

This is your brain stem. This is the part of the brain that controls all of the automatic processes in the body that we don’t have to think about: Blood pressure, Heart rate, Respiration. 

This is the part of the brain that is being artificially maintained when someone is on life-support. When this part of the brain isn’t working, we cannot survive. 

The next part of the brain is the limbic system. Think of this part of the brain as containing a filing cabinet and inside the filing cabinet are all of the memories that we have and all of the sensory experiences connected to those memories. Everything we see, hear, touch and taste is stored in this part of the brain.


This includes both the good or happy memories that we like as well as the triggering memories that we don’t like. The important thing to recognize here is that these two kinds of memories are stored exactly the same way in the same part of the brain.

Inside the Trauma Erase Method Academy we focus on how to eliminate the triggering aspect of the negative memories while keeping those memories that we like. We do this systematically. Today’s video is just an overview to show you why it’s so important. 

The problem with trauma is that the next part of the brain doesn’t communicate with the limbic system when it comes to reacting to reminders of trauma.

The next part is the cerebral cortex. That’s the outside part of the brain –  the squiggly part of the brain. 

This part of the brain is responsible for everything we learn at a higher level. This is how we remember people we know, learn language, make decisions and learn motor skills, like riding a bike, typing on the computer or play an instrument. 

The only problem is that two critical skills: the ability to tell the difference between present time and the past and the ability to learn language are higher level skills – inside the cerebral cortex. The limbic system doesn’t share these skills. And these two parts of the brain don’t talk to each other when a trigger shows up.

That’s why when we get a trigger all we have is overwhelming sensation that often feel too intense to respond to calmly. The body also comes on board and our body history reinforces what the brain is doing with intense body sensations that make something old feel real in present time. That’s why triggers create a lightening fast, overwhelming cluster of thoughts, feelings and actions. They drive us to fight, to hide or to avoid without allowing any time for second thought.

Every time this happens, the trauma brain is telling us that that trigger is danger even if there is no actual real danger present.

The Trauma Brain/Real-Time Connector provides a stop-gap to prevent triggers from taking over in order to provide enough time for evaluation necessary to eliminate the triggers completely. 

It does this by creating a bridge between the limbic system and the cerebral cortex that infuses language and time into the traumatic memories so that they lose their power to convince anyone that they are unsafe when they are actually safe. 

It’s like changing the labeling on the file folders in the filing system. What was labeled real danger gets changed to potentially dangerous, but safe or safe. And what was labeled real now gets changed to old – not present now.  

Once this happens, a trigger gets effectively stopped in its tracks and you are ready to take the next step toward eliminating it completely.

So you can forget about that terrible experience of continuously getting caught off-guard and feeling scared out of the blue.

Instead, as soon as you recognize a trigger, you can immediately apply the stop-gap that will get you feeling safe in your body again.

So if you’ve been unsafe in relationship before, but you’re safe now . . . . you can stop reacting to your current partner as if they are the one who hurt you.

So if you’ve had something happen to you on a sunny day, you can enjoy the sunshine again instead of anticipating that the sun equals danger.

So if you’ve been harmed in childhood, you can grow your confidence about interacting with others in healthy ways instead of always relying on self-protective behaviors.

And you’ll feel safe in your body, confident about your ability to heal from trauma and excited about your future.

So, that’s what the Trauma Brain-Real Time Connector does!

If you’d like to learn more about how it fits into the Trauma ERASE Method and how you can start healing today, click here.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

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Having survived Childhood Trauma then became a therapist, Tamara quickly found herself dissatisfied with what therapists offered her when it came to healing her trauma.

Dedicated to figuring out how to truly and deeply heal, Tamara began studying and didn’t quit until she had developed a system that empowers survivors to activate their self-healing system.

Now the founder of Trauma Free Nation, Tamara supports survivors as they move from Overwhelmed by cPTSD symptoms, Triggered by daily life and Discouraged about where to turn for help to Calm in their bodies, Confidently eliminating triggered responses and Joyfully living Free of Fear!

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