"Now you can heal your PTSD Triggers. Permanently."

"Therapist-developed Breakthrough Gives You The Life You Want Faster Than You’ve Ever Imagined."

Developed by a survivor of complex trauma, dissatisfied with what the mental health field has to offer, this never seen before method crushes healing time for everyone who snatches it up. It’s called the TraumaERASE Method.

It’s different than anything you’ve seen before . . .

  • it’s not Psychiatry . . . because it doesn’t involve drugs or medication.
  • it’s unlike Exposure Therapy . . . because it doesn’t require you to get scared, to make lists of things you’re afraid of or to get flooded by overwhelming flashbacks to feel better.
  • it isn’t like Cognitive Restructuring or Reframing . . . because you won’t be relying on someone outside of you to tell you how your thinking is wrong or what to think instead.
  • it’s different from EMDR . . . because you won’t need to worry about being artificially overwhelmed by trauma sensations that take over your body once you’ve gone home from treatment.
  • it’s not Hypnotherapy . . . because you will stay in control instead of giving your awareness over to someone else.
  • it’s unlike Group Therapy . . . because you don’t need to tell your story or to hear others’ stories to heal.

The TraumaERASE Method is superior to anything currently available in the field of trauma healing because it fills the gaps that still exist for trauma survivors when it comes to options for healing.

Gaps like:

  • Too much emphasis on talking; not enough doing. The TraumaERASE Method gives you specific actions at each stage of the healing process, so you eliminate your trauma instead of talking about it for hours with a therapist.
  • Too much emphasis on the therapist as the expert; not enough investment in allowing your body to lead. The TraumaERASE Method grounds you in the healing capabilities already present in your body so you follow you body’s lead to well-being instead of relying on the therapist’s lead. 
  • Too much emphasis on weak tools; too few instruments of genuine transformation. The TraumaERASE Method tramples those tired tools, so you eliminate triggers completely instead of relying on grounding, reframing and exposure. 
  • Too much focus on the past; not enough focus on remaining in the here-and-now. The TraumaERASE Method concentrates on what’s happening right now so you can realign your brain with your present-time reality instead of being stuck in the past.
  • Too many different strategies; not enough clear direction. The TraumaERASE Method delivers a reliable roadmap that shows you where you are in your healing process and where you are going, so you never have to wonder if you’re making progress as you heal again.
  • Too much guess work; not enough clarity when it comes to healing developmental gaps. The TraumaERASE Method closes developmental gaps, so you can reclaim what you lost because of trauma.
  • Too many potential pitfalls within the “therapeutic relationship”; not enough transparency. The TraumaERASE Method pulls the curtain back, exposes “trade secrets” and empowers you to make your own decisions about your healing journey, so you can finally take charge of your life and well-being.

Big promises, I know.

It’s something you may have hoped for and given up on.

But . . . .

I’m about to tell you exactly how and why some people systematically and absolutely demolish the prison created by trauma while other people seem to stay stuck in a continuous pain loop . . . .

And why, if you haven’t been able to break your own trauma prison, it isn’t your fault . . . .

But first, let me share just some of the breakthroughs others celebrate since using this method . . . .

(All client names and details have been changed to protect client confidentiality.)


Alex enjoys his relationship, free from the pain of infidelity – in just 6 weeks.




Lady J. finds peace in her home since defeating her garage door trigger with just one little piece of this amazing method.

Using this Breakthrough Method John is fully present since defeating a devastating habit that kept a grief monkey glued to his back – in just 3 months.

Alice is seizing the landscape of healthy dating after shrinking the impact of an abusive relationship to zero – all in less than one year.

William released his “intensive abuse background” from his body in just a few months and is building his helping career unshackled by the terrors of his past.

It’s also why Paul’s wife is so grateful. She has her husband back after he defeated the torturous post combat horrors of Afghanistan – in just under 2 years.

It’s the exact same process I credit for evaporating my own life-long nasty habit of swimming in roasted, salted nuts – in just 2 weeks!

What each of these people has in common (and what you will learn if you decide this is for you) is the determination to take their lives back from trauma. Completely. They are committed to replacing pain with joy and fulfillment. They will stop at nothing less that satisfying lives and relationships.

The TraumaERASE Method puts the healing process in their hands and each one continues to grow. Each one puts trauma to rest without talking about the details of what happened when they were hurt.

Instead, they have seized the TraumaERASE Method and implement specific action plans that effectively and systematically eliminate the impact of trauma in their lives! All of this in less time than even they expected.

Who Developed The TraumaERASE Method & How Can You Make These Claims?

Hi, I’m Tamara Ridge, a complex trauma survivor. My own traumas began when I was just two years old and continued, one after another, well into my adult life.

Things like:

    • My dad ran me over with a flat-bed truck when I was 2. Yes, it was an accident, but it (and other things) formed the foundation that led to me not trusting my parents.
    • My grandmother’s Australian Shepherd viciously attacked me, eating my face and throat when I was 5. The emergency room wouldn’t touch me, instead – they sent me to emergency plastic surgery.
    • The hands that were supposed to nurture me hurt me instead, while  blaming me for beatings with soul-destroying words. (beginning at age 2)
    • My other parent believed her lies and “protected” the abuser instead of protecting me, an innocent child.



    • My body responded to all of this trauma with devastating physical illnesses and a life-threatening eating disorder because of what was happening at home. (age 12 to 16)
    • I saw it as my only choice, but it was considered rebelling when I left home at age 18 because I wasn’t “nice” after the final physical assault.
    • A few years later, I endured emotional abuse in a marriage I was determined to make succeed. (14 years – even though my intuition told me to leave after the first month)
    • I suffered infertility for 7 years – never resolved – within a church community that placed high value on women’s ability to make babies.
    • Adopting a toddler who turned out to suffer major mental illness to the extent that she requires institutionalized care and 24 hour supervision, even now, at age 26.
    • I suffered physical and spiritual abuse for 6 years in my next relationship.
    • I stayed 11 years in a relationship that consistently caused me distress and confusion because I believed in “true love” . . . . only to realize that this relationship was sexually abusive, so I left. For good.

Through all of these nightmares and more, I wrestled the terrors, anxieties, depressions and self-harm that block the path of so many who aspire to heal childhood trauma.

Determined to heal, I conquered bit-by-bit . . . . without much help from the therapists I found. (One of them perpetrated more abuse and later lost his license for sexual interactions with clients, another fell asleep in our sessions, a third freaked out when I cried . . . . )

So I went back to school and became a therapist myself, but quickly learned that becoming a therapist wouldn’t help. Because therapists don’t learn anything useful about healing trauma in school.

So, my own trial and error process continued.

With my therapist training, my background in psychology research, a relentless desire to heal all of the nuances of my own traumas and free myself, I discovered, step-by-step, how this real, deep, self-driven healing process takes place.

Both within myself and while I championed self-healing for my traumatized clients.

Never satisfied with “coping” or “just getting by,” I didn’t stop until I had:

    • conquered compulsive eating
    • abolished self-harm behaviors that began when I was a small child
    • replaced my need to be accepted with the skill for setting healthy boundaries
    • eliminated destructive people from my life
    • shifted my career toward what is most beneficial to my well-being (which is helping me heal the physical long-term impact of trauma)
    • established the relationship of my dreams.

Yes! I was even able to heal myself to the point that I could attract a healthy, loving partner instead of continuing to attract people who continue to treat me the way my Trauma Brain suggested was all I deserved.

Yeah . . . sometimes I think he’s too good to be true, too. 😉

Now, I don’t intend to tell you that this is a quick or easy process because PTSD is developed in context of life, I’ve had 100s of triggers. You already know. You have them, too.

This isn’t a quick fix.

It takes work. But when you focus on the work and stay committed to yourself, you’ll be able to celebrate results you’ve been wishing for ever since you started trying to heal.

Each time a new situation in your current life is similar to something connected to your original traumas, that trigger will need to be healed. You can do it with the system I’m sharing with you today, just like all of the other survivors I’ve shared this system with.

The best part is that once you know what to do, you will be in charge of your healing instead of relying on someone else to help you heal. Just like me. Just like my clients who’ve learned how to use this system to heal their triggers.

I’ve healed most of mine. I no longer get triggered on a daily basis, but I do sometimes still get triggered.

Because when you heal enough to finally achieve a healthy relationship, your Trauma Brain will tell you that you aren’t safe, that this is too good to be true, that you should not let your guard down or something similar depending you your specific situation.

lemon water in bed

Like the day, just a few weeks ago, when Chase nurtured me with a glass of warm lemon water while I lounged in bed in the morning. He just silently came in, handed me the glass and walked away. Immediately, my Trauma Brain said: “I don’t deserve this!” And I started to cry.

I also immediately knew what was happening and that the feelings were old, not connected to this real and very loving moment.

Instead of being completely overwhelmed and flooded by feelings and body sensations from a different time, I recognized where that thought came from, regulated my body and emotions, and was back to myself in about an hour.

Yes. It took me an hour . . . .

Not 24 hours.

Not weeks.

It didn’t lead to any fighting or trauma-created distance in my relationship.

It led to connection, cuddles, giggling and many more feelings of being loved, seen and healed.

I am in control of my life, not the endless reminders that I haven’t always been safe or happy.

I’m sharing all of this with you because I can’t be satisfied with only sharing the TraumaERASE Method with my private clients. I am compelled to share it with you.

I can’t sit around and let people suffer when there’s something I can do about it.

That’s why I’ve decided to share with you how and why people who self-heal are able to accomplish profound healing and eliminate the lifelong impact of trauma and the reasons why others cannot.

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