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About Tamara

Since Tamara founded The Center for Healthy Relationships in 2001, she has been studying what gets in the way of well-being and how to help her clients thrive. In her practice, she noted that a large majority of anxiety, depression and relationship pain comes from trauma, long hidden, that undermines happiness. 

Tamara has been developing systems to clear her own trauma history from her body for the last 30+ years and she has successfully shared these self-healing systems with clients who have thrived using Tamara’s teachings. Now Tamara has taken her years of study, self-healing and lessons learned from helping clients successfully heal their own trauma and packaged them into an affordable, accessible program so that many more can heal and live free from fear.

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Tamara developed The TraumaERASE Method in response to frustrating gaps left open by the field of Mental Health when it comes to healing childhood (developmental) trauma. Tamara’s approach empowers students of The TraumaERASE Method Academy to follow their body’s self-healing process to complete healing.

The TraumaERASE Method fills the gaps where the mental health system continues to fall short.

Gaps like:

  • Too much emphasis on talking; not enough doing. The TraumaERASE Method gives you specific actions at each stage of the healing process, so you eliminate your trauma instead of talking about it for hours with a therapist.
  • Too much emphasis on the therapist as the expert; not enough investment in allowing your body to lead. The TraumaERASE Method grounds you in the healing capabilities already present in your body so you follow you body’s lead to well-being instead of relying on the therapist’s lead. 
  • Too much emphasis on weak tools; too few instruments of genuine transformation. The TraumaERASE Method tramples those tired tools, so you eliminate triggers completely instead of relying on grounding, reframing and exposure. 
  • Too much focus on the past; not enough focus on remaining in the here-and-now. The TraumaERASE Method concentrates on what’s happening right now so you can realign your brain with your present-time reality instead of being stuck in the past.
  • Too many different strategies; not enough clear direction. The TraumaERASE Method delivers a reliable roadmap that shows you where you are in your healing process and where you are going, so you never have to wonder if you’re making progress as you heal again.
  • Too much guess work; not enough clarity when it comes to healing developmental gaps. The TraumaERASE Method closes developmental gaps, so you can reclaim what you lost because of trauma.
  • Too many potential pitfalls within the “therapeutic relationship”; not enough transparency. The TraumaERASE Method pulls the curtain back, exposes “trade secrets” and empowers you to make your own decisions about your healing journey, so you can finally take charge of your life and well-being.

Learn more about The TraumaERASE Method here.

The TraumaERASE Method

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Trauma Free Nation

Trauma Free Nation is a private social network platform Tamara created just for people who want to be part of a community of enlightened, like-minded individuals who understand that there’s more to healing trauma than coping.

We have social groups for discussing all of the areas of growth that are impacted by trauma, with a positive focus toward growth and overcoming rather than focusing on the trauma.

Tamara created this social network platform because it’s important to know that there are other people like you who are succeeding in the self-healing process.

Every time you log into our community, you will feel secure knowing that everyone else there has been screened and is safe to be around. You will be able to share your healing journey along with your joys and favorite hobbies knowing that you are on a protected network. No ads. No disruption of privacy. Just a feeling of safety and security as you heal, knowing you aren’t alone anymore.

Membership in Trauma Free Nation is contingent on application and purchase of The TraumaERASE Method Academy. For more information, click here.

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In Tamara’s trauma recovery journey, she discovered that even after years of erasing triggers, she still expected negative things to happen – even after trauma was no longer part of her daily life.

Motivated by her desire to appreciate the joyful things in her life instead of ruining them with negative expectations, Tamara began experimenting with practicing gratitude as a way to bypass negative thought habits and help her keep her mind and body in a happy place on a daily basis.

Tamara discovered that this process significantly reduced the time she spent feeling triggered and amplified her ability to stay connected to the blessings in her life.

Sharing these strategies with her clients proved that they worked!

Tamara’s FaceBook Group: I Am A Gift! empowers trauma survivors to establish and reclaim their appreciation for self using a specific gratitude strategy that amplifies the inner wisdom that trauma survivors lose touch with because of trauma.

Tamara’s Gratitude & Inner Wisdom Journal is the workbook for participation in this group and is required to be admitted to the group. Topics covered in monthly 5-Day Challenges within the group focus on claiming losses in each area of focus specific to the process of recovery from trauma and include:

  • Your Relationship With Yourself
  • Your Relationship With Food
  • Nurturing Your Body
  • Your Environment
  • Your Relationship With Money
  • You and Your Emotions
  • Loving Yourself 
  • Your Relationships

Purchase your copy before applying to the group here.

I Am A GIFT! Facebook Group

Complex PTSD Answers For Website

Complex PTSD Answers Facebook Group

Tamara became a trauma specialist by focusing on her own complex PTSD responses, studying them and healing herself first.

With her intimate and detailed knowledge of what it is like to live with CPTSD as well as what it takes to heal it, Tamara began sharing the tools and strategies she used to heal herself with her private psychotherapy clients.

Motivated by her desire to share practical tools for real self-healing, Tamara is committed to sharing her knowledge and dispelling the rumor that CPTSD cannot be healed.  

Join Tamara’s FaceBook Group: Complex PTSD Answers to empower yourself with what you need to know to free yourself from the impact of childhood trauma, once and for all.

Tamara is in the group answering questions and talking with members LIVE via Zoom every Friday at 5pm Pacific time.

Join here.