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"You DON'T have to tell your trauma story to heal.
What matters is what you do when trauma intrudes into the present moment."

Tamara Ridge, Creator of The Center for Healing Trauma

About The Author

Since Tamara founded The Center for Healthy Relationships in 2001, she has been studying what gets in the way of well-being and how to help her clients thrive. In her practice, she noted that a large majority of anxiety, depression and relationship pain comes from trauma, long hidden, that undermines happiness. Tamara has been developing systems to clear her own trauma history from her body for the last 30+ years and she has successfully shared these self-healing systems with clients who have thrived using Tamara’s teachings. Now Tamara has taken her years of study, self-healing and lessons learned from helping clients successfully heal their own trauma and packaged them into an affordable, accessible program so that many more can heal and live free from fear.

Tamara Ridge

What You’ll Learn

This Self-Healing System has 8 Essential Parts:

How the Trauma Brain Works

Increase your sense of control over PTSD symptoms by helping you understand what is happening in the trauma brain & what’s needed to heal it.

Why Trauma Leads to Burnout

Understand the effects of chronic stress on your body. Complete a serious evaluation of your known stressors and develop an action plan focused on reducing the overall level of reactivity in your body.

Why Feelings Guide Healing

Increase your level of comfort in your body by understanding how your feelings serve you. Increase your sense of control by gaining mastery over feelings instead of fearing them. Increase your ability to trust your body.

How Stress Impacts PTSD

Concrete strategy for diagnosing the sources of stress and effectively responding to it in a way that helps you make a real difference in your PTSD symptoms.

How Essential Needs Play In

Connect your triggers to their sources and develop a foundation of compassion toward yourself, replacing self-criticism and discouragement. Preparing you to succesfully neutralize triggers.

How to Neutralize Triggers

A specific step-by-step process that effectively re-trains the brain to identify safety where safety exists in present time, rather than interpreting all trauma reminders as  danger in the here-and-now.

Responding To Feelings

Correctly respond to each type of feeling to further the healing process. Hint: Traditional treatments don’t work because the incorrect response is routinely offered for each of these types of feelings.

Fine-Tuning Your Healing

Subtle indicators of the trauma response (flight/fight/freeze) allow you to continue to heal yourself beyond the obvious triggers. These are usually those that show up to undermine career progress and/or relationship satisfaction.

Still Have Questions?

Tamara walks you through the inspiration for this program, a deeper conversation about what we cover in the program, how the membership works and who is a good fit for this program.

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Bonus Foundation Material to Ensure you Start Off Strong

In our FREE Membership option, you have the opportunity to study the foundations of well-being that support the healing process. Free study materials include:

  • How to recognize if your breathing pattern increases your anxiety
  • How to breathe to reduce anxiety
  • Quick stress-reducing activities
  • How to develop compassion toward yourself 
  • How to reduce feelings of guilt/shame

Weekly Zoom Q&A Sessions to Help You Succeed

Ask Tamara Anything Related to What You Are Learning

Tamara is committed to your success. Live Zoom sessions will be recorded each week and available in the paid members area.

Growing Video Library

Live Zoom sessions are indexed and archived so you can search for answers when you feel stuck.

Ask Live or Via E-mail

You’ll always know when Zoom sessions are scheduled so you can ask questions in advance (in case you can’t attend) or ask live.

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Share support, encouragement and victories and more in our own private Online Social Media & Social Networking site. Similar to the popular Social Media site we all know about, but without the privacy concerns. 😉

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Trauma-Free Nation Yearly Plan

Full Year Course Access With Support
  • 12 Week Participation in Freedom From Trauma Program
  • Personal mentorship from Tamara each week via group Zoom Conferences
  • Personal attention during Weekly Zoom Q&A Sessions
  • Personalized written feedback from Tamara on all completed homework (12 Week Freedom from Trauma Program)
  • One Year Access to All Trauma-Free Nation Course Videos and Zoom Support Sessions
  • One Year membership to Trauma-Free Nation Social Network

Basic Plan

Lifetime Course Access With Support
  • 12 Week Participation in Freedom From Trauma Program
  • Personal mentorship from Tamara each week via Zoom Groups
  • Personal attention during Weekly Zoom Q&A Sessions
  • Personalized written feedback from Tamara on all completed homework

Foundations Plan

Lifetime Course Access
  • Access to FREE Foundations Course videos

What People Have Said About Tamara

Tamara is warm, wise, and welcoming. She has many tools at hand to help target one’s deeply embedded traumas. She helps to illuminate the inner obstacles that have impeded me from living a fuller, more productive life. With her assistance, I’m gaining a clarity and calm that has eluded me for years. I highly recommend Tamara.

Rich F.

Yelp Reviewer

Tamara  has provided us with the knowledge and tools to be able to discern  the difference between fear based / victim thinking and empowered thinking. She has educated us on how to recognize these dynamics in friendships, working environments, families, and social groups as well as in romantic relationships. Tamara has assisted in teaching us how to reconnect to our intuitive selves so that we can trust our own judgment. We no longer feel compelled to rely on outside sources to know what is best for us. She has helped us develop the ability to run a ‘self diagnostic’ when we are troubled. We are able to identify emotional pain as a cue for our internal ‘warning system’ and troubleshoot the source of our doubts or misgivings. 

Shannon Faye

Holistic Interior Designer,

I came from a rather intensive abuse background. When I got out, I worked on and got a Marriage Family Therapist license. But I still needed more help. I found Tamara able to go where other therapists can’t. In my experience, she is a warm and wise guide with many helpful tools. She doesn’t just talk. She can also work with issues that have become imbedded in you, that is your body. If you are serious about resolving traumas and troubles, then she is probably a good fit for you. I heartily recommend her.”

Walter T.

Marriage & Family Therapist
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