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"The 'TraumaERASE Method' dependably empowers survivors to claim freedom from anguish and misery that was never their fault"

Within a shorter time than even they thought possible . . .

  • Alex enjoys his relationship, free from the fear and frustration of infidelity – in just 6 weeks.
  • Lady J finds peace in her home since defeating her garage door trigger with just one little piece of The TraumaERASE Method – in just a few days.
  • John practices full presence in his relationship instead of being distracted by a devastating habit that held him in grief – in just 3 months.
  • Alice seizes the landscape of self-care and healthy dating after shrinking the impact of an abusive relationship to zero – all in less than a year.
  • William remains unshackled by an “intensive abuse background,” maintains a sense of well-being and has built a career helping others release the terrors of their pasts.
  • Paul’s wife calls Tamara “an angel” who after Paul defeated the torturous post combat horrors of Afghanistan – in just under 2 years.

About Tamara Ridge

Known for revealing secrets of healing that shouldn’t be reserved for experts . . . Tamara Ridge is the specialist that actively systematizes the healing process so survivors can make Tamara’s healing tools their own.

Now, this never before released to the public method used to assist private clients over the past two decades is available to survivors who may not have been able to find satisfying relief from the pain of the past.

Armed with this time-tested and repeatable system . . . . you’re almost guaranteed to find relief from the terrors of the past using a step-by-step process that increases your sense of safety as you strip away the pain you’ve held for way too long.

Finally begin thinking about your life with excitement as you look forward to a future no longer shackled by pain, worry and fear.

Apply now to begin right away (and get your $5,200 worth of FREE bonuses listed below) . . .

The TraumaERASE Method is both different and better than anything you have seen before . . . .

It’s different than anything you’ve seen before because . . .

  • it’s not Psychiatry . . .  it doesn’t involve drugs or medication.
  • it’s unlike Exposure Therapy . . . it doesn’t require you to get scared, to make lists of things you’re afraid of or to get flooded by overwhelming flashbacks to feel better.
  • it isn’t like Cognitive Restructuring or Reframing . . . you won’t be relying on someone outside of you to tell you how your thinking is wrong or what to think instead.
  • it’s different from EMDR . . . you won’t need to worry about being artificially overwhelmed by trauma sensations that take over your body once you’ve gone home from treatment.
  • it’s not Hypnotherapy . . . you will stay in control instead of giving your awareness over to someone else.
  • it’s unlike Group Therapy . . . you don’t need to tell your story or to hear others’ stories to heal.

It’s superior to anything currently available in the field of trauma healing because it fills the gaps that still exist for trauma survivors when it comes to options for healing.

Gaps like:

  • Too much emphasis on talking; not enough doing. The TraumaERASE Method gives you specific actions at each stage of the healing process, so you eliminate your trauma instead of talking about it for hours with a therapist.
  • Too much emphasis on the therapist as the expert; not enough investment in allowing your body to lead. The TraumaERASE Method grounds you in the healing capabilities already present in your body so you follow you body’s lead to well-being instead of relying on the therapist’s lead. 
  • Too much emphasis on weak tools; too few instruments of genuine transformation. The TraumaERASE Method tramples those tired tools, so you eliminate triggers completely instead of relying on grounding, reframing and exposure. 
  • Too much focus on the past; not enough focus on remaining in the here-and-now. The TraumaERASE Method concentrates on what’s happening right now so you can realign your brain with your present-time reality instead of being stuck in the past.
  • Too many different strategies; not enough clear direction. The TraumaERASE Method delivers a reliable roadmap that shows you where you are in your healing process and where you are going, so you never have to wonder if you’re making progress as you heal again.
  • Too much guess work; not enough clarity when it comes to healing developmental gaps. The TraumaERASE Method closes developmental gaps, so you can reclaim what you lost because of trauma.
  • Too many potential pitfalls within the “therapeutic relationship”; not enough transparency. The TraumaERASE Method pulls the curtain back, exposes “trade secrets” and empowers you to make your own decisions about your healing journey, so you can finally take charge of your life and well-being.

What Will The Trauma Erase Method Do For You?

When you grab your spot in The Trauma Erase Method Academy, you will find out just how effective your healing process can be. Just like Tamara, her clients and many others have discovered. . . .

The Trauma Brain/Real Time Connector takes the mystery out of why you suddenly get triggered out of the blue, so you can make the body reaction to that trigger stop. Watch the short video below to learn more.

The Buffer-Zone Builder helps you create a foundation of resilience in your body so you can start healing instead of staying stressed out. Watch the short video below to learn more.

Most survivors have fear of their feelings because big feelings often feel overwhelming, especially when the feelings are old or strong. With The Feelings Danger Zone De-Escalator, you can stop feeling afraid and deal with your feelings proactively. Watch this video to learn more.

The Stress/PTSD Crossroads Scale is a hands-on system for dealing with your stress in real time.

So, you’re at work or at home, not feeling particularly triggered, but you have pain in your shoulders and feeling like you just want to scream. You’re doing the best you can to hold it together. Then, that one more thing that you weren’t ready for pops up and, that’s it. You’re over it. You go and do whatever it is that you do when you’ve had enough.

With the Stress-PTSD Crossroads Scale, you’ll understand exactly what to do in those moments when you’ve had enough so that you don’t make anything worse. And, you will have an action plan that will prevent moments like that from happening in the first place.

You’ll finally feel a sense of control instead of feeling at the mercy of what happens around you. You’ll be able to be calm under stress and you’ll feel better about who you are.

The Basic Needs/Body-History Separator takes all of the unresolved emotion out of the picture when it comes to figuring out whether your needs are getting met or if it’s just a trigger that makes you feel unsatisfied.

With The Basic Needs/Body-History Separator, you will be able to know the difference between  what happened before and now. And you will be able to ask for what you need directly, while being clear about how to keep triggers out of your requests.

So, think about the last time you argued with or were upset at your partner because of something they did or didn’t do. Was the thing that upset you connected to things that were really old for you? Old pet peeves that go back to previous relationships, or maybe, even childhood?

Deep down, you may have wondered if you were reasonable to be upset. You may have even secretly realized that you took frustrations out on your partner that they didn’t really cause – they just got the brunt of all of your old pain.

Now you can use the Basic Needs/Body-History Separator to really look at what’s happened in your past that you are bringing forward because of the intense emotion you feel in your body history. Now, you’ll be able to separate your needs from the old history. You’ll be able to make confident, reasonable requests without overburdening your relationship with old emotions stored up because of your trauma history.

Instead of feeling confused, you’ll find clarity about yourself and who you are in relationship. You’ll be able to interact better and feel good about who you are as a partner.

The Trigger Eliminator does exactly what it says it does! It eliminates triggers!

It’s a six-step, repeatable process that will take the mystery out of why you get scared at unexpected times and re-wire your brain to remove fear for every trigger you apply it to.

Do you chew your nails? The Trigger Eraser will give you beautiful hands.

Are you afraid of speaking up? The Trigger Eraser will give you a voice.

Are you afraid to go outside? I used to be . . . . The Trigger Eraser allowed me to walk outside without being afraid of being attacked by a dog. It also allowed me to go to the grocery story without being so panicked that I forgot what I was there for.

Think about the ways your life has been narrowed because you are avoiding the things that scare you. Imagine, eliminating those fears, one at a time, until they are all gone.

You. will. be. free. You will feel empowered. You will pick up goals and dreams that you thought you had to give up because you were hurt as a child. You will finally be able to let go of the anger and resentment you feel because trauma has taken up too much of your life and too much of your identity.

The Feelings/Response User Manual for Healing PTSD corrects the confusion about how to deal with feelings that has been created by therapists who expect you to talk about and cry about your trauma in order to heal it. Talking with the focus on getting feelings out – catharsis – is appropriate for healed triggers, not triggers that still need to be healed.

The Feelings/Response User Manual shows you that there are 3 types of feelings with an appropriate response for each type. Connecting the incorrect response with your feelings will prolong your healing process. Maybe, even prevent it.

The Feelings/Response User Manual for Healing PTSD tells you exactly what to do with your feelings at each stage in the healing process so you can continue to heal at deeper and deeper levels.

Now, when you feel triggered, the manual will point you to what to do. It will show you the difference between triggered feelings and here-and-now feelings, with what to do with both. It will also tell you how to deal with feelings connected to healed triggers.

Instead of therapist-led, this process will allow you to heal with your body as your lead. As confusion evaporates, you’ll develop more trust in your feelings, in your intuition and in your body. When you can trust yourself, it will be easier to believe that you can keep yourself safe in any situation. You can’t put a price on that kind of freedom. It feels absolutely amazing.

The Deeper Body Comfort Accelerator works to deepen your connection to your body once you’ve learned how to effectively eliminate the bigger triggers in your life. Because you experienced trauma during day-to-day life and relationships, there are smaller, subtler triggers that exist; keeping you from living your best life.

The Deeper Body Comfort Accelerator reconnects you to your body as a source of strength and allows you to take control of your sense of ease in your body. The truth is, long term trauma leads to anxiety and depression. Things the current mental health system doesn’t zero in on for trauma survivors.

This tool empowers you to find deeper peace and contentment in your body and in your daily life. It is the next level, deeper healing that allows you to fully live instead of just looking for your next trigger. This is where joy and happiness starts to take over the space that pain and triggers once held.

Take a minute to think about your dreams. What are they? What will you do that you’ve always believed was outside of your grasp because of what you’ve been through? This is where life gets exciting and fun because you realize you are no longer limited and your body, heart and mind are aligned with your vision for your life. It’s the best feeling ever!

All of these components work together and build on each other, ensuring that you systematically eliminate not just triggers, but every other completely healable aspect of PTSD and Complex PTSD (childhood trauma). And, you’ll never be working through alone . . . . I’m with you every week answering your questions and making sure you absolutely free yourself from trauma and build the life you want.


Get FOUR Special Bonuses (Valued At $5,200)
Absolutely FREE!

I’m including these next four bonuses although they can be sold as stand-alone products themselves because I want to give you everything I know to absolutely guarantee your success.

These bonuses carry the most frequently needed support materials that I’ve observed to be foundational information to remove the struggle from the healing process over my 30 years of working with survivors of complex trauma.


FREE BONUS #1: Foundations for Healing Bundle ($900 Value)

This bundle is designed to eliminate any roadblocks that would prevent you from being successful with The TraumaERASE Method.

It contains the foundations that have to be in place for your self-healing program to be most effective. I’m including this bundle today because I want to eliminate any chance that something can get in the way of your self-healing from trauma. Here’s what’s in the bundle:

The Overwhelm Eliminator

Because feeling overwhelmed often makes us feel so confused that the overwhelm wins out and we shut-down.

The Overwhelm Eliminator gives you a diagnostic tool to help you figure out “what is this really about” when you feel overwhelmed from the most common causes of overwhelm. So you can stop feelings overwhelmed and focus on healing. Provides you with four specific strategies for avoiding overwhelm and how to implement them.

Because of the Overwhelm Eliminator you are able to re-focus whenever you feel yourself shutting down. You know your feelings are temporary, but they are also patterned.

Once you understand the patterns and know what to do about each one, calming yourself takes just two steps: 1. Identifying the cause and 2. Choosing an action from the strategies in that cause category you’ve accessed in this course.

You find these supports useful and refer to them often. Soon, you find that you don’t need the support any more because you can self-identify the causes and self-select the solutions that work best for you on a consistent basis. You’ll feel energized and hopeful about the possibilities of healing because you have been able to succeed with this system. You become more active in your personal well-being than you’ve ever been able to accomplish before.

The Permanent Permission to Self-Heal Program

Because permission stoppers are subtle.

They keep you from moving forward without your awareness of what they are saying inside your head.

This Permanent Permission to Self-Heal Program uncovers hidden permission stoppers that prevent you from moving forward in your healing process.

It gives you strategies for removing permission stoppers.

You’re doing your self-healing work and find that you’ve self-satobaged too many times. With the Permanent Permission to Self-Heal Program, you’ll be the one in control.

Instead of feeling confused and overwhelmed, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what is getting in the way of moving forward.

You’ll feel a sense of clarity as your confusion melts away.

You’ll feel ready for your next steps.

The Empathetic Self-Attunement Program 

Explains how trauma prevents self-compassion.

Because trauma survivors often have automatic negative messages running through their heads on a consistent basis.

The first step is understanding that it’s not your fault. Next, you must see where the messages came from so that you can begin to correct them.

This program gives you the nuts-and-bolts ideas that will help you understand how and why the negative messages prevent you from achieving what you want in your personal life, relationships and career.

It also uncovers voices from the past that are critical.

Because without those critical voices, you will be free to choose how you interact with your own thoughts and how you react to things that happen in your life.

It gives you a specific strategy for identifying where a specific message – or feeling of stuckness – comes from.

Not only are you able to identify that the messages stopping you came from your past, but you are able to use this tool to help you target what specifically the message was and were, exactly, it came from.

Now that you know exactly what is wrong, you can focus on how to replace the self-sabotaging messages with self-compassionate messages.

The Body: To Trust or Not To Trust Program

Explains why we distrust our bodies after trauma.

Because many trauma survivors are confused about whether or not to trust their bodies.

The truth is, there are some things to trust that your body tells you, other things you should not trust.

It’s essential to know the difference.

This program helps you know when you can trust your body to know that you should protect yourself and when it’s okay to focus on calming yourself.

For example, you’ve been looking for a long time and you’ve finally found someone amazing. They are sincere, kind, sensitive and very loving toward you. You are very happy to have finally found your person.

But you are also very uncomfortable in your body.

You have a sense in your body that something is wrong, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

With the this program, you are able to identify exactly why you’re having trouble relaxing into this wonderful relationship experience.

Confusion gives way to clarity.

You know exactly where to target your attention to be able to calm or protect, as needed.

You re-establish trust in your body and allow it to guide the healing process.

FREE BONUS #2: Trauma-Induced Grief Elimination Course ($200 Value)

There is a difference between trauma and grief.

Trauma always includes grief.

This course tells you how to tell the difference between a trauma response and a grief response.

Many trauma survivors experience grief, but their experience isn’t validated by therapists. Anger is part of the grief process and it is the wrong response to suggest that you forgive.

When you understand the differences between trauma and grief, you will be able to recognize when you’ve healed from trauma, but grief work is still needed.

This course will gently guide you through the grief that always comes with trauma.

You’ll see the grief work as a natural extension of overcoming trauma. You’ll feel validated. You’ll feel informed. You’ll feel relief knowing that what you’ve been going through is normal after trauma and that you now know what you need to know to heal it.

FREE BONUS #3: The Skill Builder Monthly Newsletter ($200 Value)

Because childhood trauma always leaves developmental gaps. And because you don’t know what you’re missing, but you know you’re missing something. This monthly newsletter is offered exclusively to members of Trauma Free Nation as a way to make sure that, along with erasing your triggers, you are also growing developmentally in the ways you were unable to because of your trauma history.

Each month, The Skill Builder Monthly focuses on a new topic of development. Topics for the first year include: Self-Acceptance, Developing A Clear Sense of Identity, Self-Compassion, Self-Protection, Getting Comfort in Relationships, How to Relax, the Capacity to Express Yourself Fully, Willpower & Motivation and more.

Each issue includes education about a specific area of development, thoughtful questions that help you identify how this area of development pertains to you, tips for improving this specific area of development and an affirmation meditation with journaling prompts.

This is a specific personal growth and development program that allow you to target what you know you’ve always been missing, but haven’t been able to put your finger on. You work through the monthly newsletters and develop the skills that help you grow past the pitfalls and areas of stuck-ness that stop other trauma survivors from being their authentic selves – but it won’t stop you.

You’ll be confident and feel accomplished, knowing you are achieving your authenticity and living your life in the most satisfying way, in spite of your history.

FREE BONUS #4: Trauma Free Nation Private Social Network First 6 months with Weekly Group Support via Zoom ($4,000 Value)

With your purchase of The TraumaERASE Method Academy today, I’m going to give you six months of free access to our exclusive Social Network – Trauma Free Nation. Trauma Free Nation is a private social network platform created just for people who want to be part of a community of enlightened, like-minded individuals who understand that there’s more to healing trauma than coping.

We have social groups for discussing all of the areas of growth that are impacted by trauma, with a positive focus toward growth and overcoming rather than focusing on the trauma.

I created this social network platform because it’s important to know that there are other people succeeding in the self-healing process – all within the privacy of a closed network. Every time you log into our community, you will feel secure knowing that everyone else there has been screened and is safe to be around.

You will be able to share your healing journey along with your joys and favorite hobbies knowing that you are on a protected network. No ads. No disruption of privacy. You will feel secure and safe on your healing journey knowing that you have a secure, private network.

Knowing that you aren’t alone is that much better when your community is using the same language and tools as you are using. This is another reason why I created this social network. It is a place where we share common tools and language while working to become more and more free from the impact of trauma.

Inside Trauma Free Nation is where you have access to The TraumaERASE Method Academy, The Trauma-Induced Grief Elimination Course as well as the Foundations Course.

This is your one-stop shop for education and social support, self-healing and personal growth.

This is where you can share your successes. Ask your questions. Interact with me during Live Q&As on a weekly basis. Find solutions when you feel stuck. And develop healthy connections with other people who are focused on growth.

Trauma Free Nation also gives you ongoing practice and reminders of the strategies and practices that keep you focused on your well-being and growth. Because the trauma brain so easily goes back into negative loops when we relax and stop working on continuous growth.

How Much Does It Cost?

Look, I personally know how much complex trauma impacts your bottom line. I’ve struggled with finances myself because of trauma.

Let me tell you, that to participate in individual therapy with me and make the best use of the information I’m providing here, it takes my clients a minimum of 3 months of weekly therapy – but usually a year. A year of weekly therapy sessions with me comes in at a cost of $11,700.

But because I am a healed survivor, it causes me pain to think about how many people are living with the impact of trauma and being limited by what happened in the past. I know for sure that it doesn’t have to be like that. I have put my all into this program – it is the legacy I plan to leave to the world when I am no longer here. 

I believe that self-healing is your birth right. You deserve to heal.  

I’m so committed to helping you begin your self-healing process that I’m willing to provide you a generous discount so that you can get to your self-healing work.

When I first developed this program, my friends and mentors suggested I offer it for $3,000 for the first year and $50/month thereafter. 

But I wanted to make my program affordable enough so that anyone serious about healing from childhood trauma can take advantage of what I offer here and make serious, lasting change. That’s why I’ve priced my program at just $389/year or $39/month for founding members. 

I’m sure that as the program grows and becomes even more amazing, I will raise membership, but the Founding Member price will never go up as long as you continue with your membership.

So for one payment of $389 (or $39/month), the cost of healing should be affordable to anyone who is serious about finally taking control and systematically eliminating the impact of trauma from their lives. 

This membership comes with lifetime access to everything you see on this page. If you choose a payment plan, your lifetime access begins the moment you make your last payment.

If you were to work personally with me without the included videos for the year it takes to master the information in The TraumaERASE Method as well as the bonus materials, you would have to pay just over $11,700. One payment of $389 is a 97% discount and a savings of $11,311. Think about it, $389 is just is $7.48/week. That’s less than the cost of take out for lunch or a co-payment for insurance covered therapy.

For less than the cost of 2 sessions of therapy with me, you will get almost a year of weekly sessions, packed with more information in each week than you can get in a single therapy session anywhere.

Why am I offering such a crazy amount of material at such a ridiculous discount?

Because I’m committed to getting the tools for healing into as many hands as possible. It’s my life’s work.

This is the only guided self-study program with full coaching support from a licensed therapist and healed trauma survivor that you will find anywhere. It’s the first direct to you system that doesn’t keep the “therapeutic secrets” behind a curtain. Instead, you get all of the details, strategies, support and insights you need to complete your self-healing process.

I know you will be delighted with how this program changes your life. 

I’m so confident that you will find unbelievable value in The TraumaERASE Method, your membership in Trauma Free Nation and the bonus courses that I’ve shown you today that I am willing to offer you a ridiculous guarantee. 

You have one full year to work through this program and get all of the support available to heal your trauma. 

Of course, to offer you this guarantee, I have to see you as an active participant, beginning the first week of your membership. You need to have studied the course, participated in or watched the Q&A sessions and have your homework for each week as proof of your work. Then, if you don’t believe this program has changed your life and that it’s more than double what you paid, I’ll give you all of your money back. No questions asked. 



As I’ve already said, due to overwhelming demand, the community has to be closed from time to time to make sure that everyone is getting their needs met. So, if you’re serious about taking your healing into your own hands, join now so you don’t have to wait for our next enrollment period.

Remember, taking action now on behalf of your future healed self means that you’re that much closer to feeling good about yourself, having a healthy relationship with yourself and with others, knowing that you can overcome any obstacle that comes across your path, being able to say what you need, feeling safe in your body and so much more.

Immediately after you join, you’ll understand why trauma has stopped you up until this point in your life and you’ll begin to change that. For good.

Right now you have the opportunity to ensure that you never feel exhausted and anxious, broken, ashamed and alone because of your trauma. This is the opportunity for you to make sure that you never become a statistic, like the ones described in the ACE study. Instead, today you can start your new life . . . . All of those moments when you felt frustrated and discouraged because something that someone else did to you ruined your future can be over. You can change the direction of your life! You deserve to feel safe, happy, confident, secure and whole.

You’ve already suffered long enough. Don’t waste one more minute in pain that you don’t have to tolerate.

Click the button below to apply now.

Not sure this is for you and want to learn more? 

Click the button below to get Tamara’s FREE 6-Video Training Series about Why Some People Heal PTSD and Others Don’t.

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